Student car shipping – How to ship your car

Specialized Student car shipping services

Are you going away to college and need to get your car transported? Is your kid moving away to college, and you’re worried about how they’ll get around? Auto transporters online will ship your car for college students. We are family owned and have been where you are. Customer service includes working with both the student and other family and friends to coordinate a seamless move.

Can you deliver directly to my Dorm?

Yes. but arrangements must be made ahead of time. If you are not going to be available to receive the vehicle, we will need the name and phone of someone that can sign and receive it.

Student car shipping services

Student car shipping is a special service that many vehicle transportation companies offer. It involves a carrier picking up your vehicle, either from your door or from a designated terminal, and then shipping it to wherever you need it to go. In some cases, these services ship your vehicle directly to your college. When needing to move your college student’s items long distance, Allied Van Lines is also a reputable company. You will want to consider your options setting up Dorm life and evaluate if it could be cheaper shopping locally once your student arrives.

Allied Van Lines – Ranked One of the Best Moving Companies

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