How do Auto Transport Brokers work? Be an educated consumer.

How Do Auto Transport Brokers Work?

When looking to ship a car you basically have two options. Search endless hours looking for a carrier or using the expert services of an Auto Transport Broker.

Brokers use a network of small and large car carriers that they work with and trust. When a customer has a vehicle that has to be shipped, a broker will reach out to their carriers to find someone to fill the order. Experienced auto transport brokers that have been in the business for a while, such as, will have a network of hundreds of carriers in their network that service the Nation.

The primary benefit of using a broker is the flexibility they provide. They don’t have their own trucks and aren’t tied to specific regions, or routes, they can serve. Instead, they have access to hundreds of carriers across the country to find the right one to meet the needs of any customer, no matter what kind of vehicle they have, where it’s going, or when it’s going.

The greatest value to the customer is that they can research the trucking company’s license status and reviews to ensure you are getting the best carrier to ship your car.

At Auto Transporters Online we go the extra mile for our customers to ensure they are placed with a high rated carrier, providing stellar customer service throughout your move.

Should I Use a Broker for Auto Transport?

The reality is most auto transport companies you’re going to find are brokers (or combination brokers/carriers). Finding carriers exclusively is difficult because most of them don’t have a prominent presence online. They typically rely on brokers for their business so they don’t usually have websites, social media profiles, etc.

Beware of lead generating sites that send your quote request to over 10 companies only to be bombarded with calls and quotes, adding to the confusion of what company to choose.

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