How to ship a car

When researching how to ship a car you basically have two choices. You can spend endless hours researching a carrier to ship your car for you or use a broker’s expertise to research a quality carrier for you to ship your car. A broker will have the resources to confirm key items such as an active motor carrier license, complaints and active insurance. A reputable broker will work hard to get you the best rate with no deposit until your car is picked up. Autotransporters Online is a reputable broker service that will match you with the best carrier and provide excellent responsive customer service until your car is delivered.

The¬†Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration¬†maintains a hotline for consumers to check on a shipper’s license and insurance record as well as any complaints made about the company.

Other Pricing Variables

Location: A delivery between two major cities may be cheaper than shipping between smaller cities or towns. More carriers cover these routes. The distance of the drop-off location will naturally dictate the price of the auto transport. It could cost less than $1,000 to ship within the state or on the East Coast, but the shipment could easily top $2,000 if you ship a car across the country.

Vehicle Size: Bigger cars take up more space in the carrier and heavier cars add more cargo weight, making them more expensive to ship.

Season: Fewer people transport cars in winter, so rates may be lower then. But winter could also impact the timeline of when it arrives at your home. The truck could get stuck in bad weather or the roads may be closed.

Open Carrier transport is the most inexpensive and convenient way to ship your car. However, when you ship open carrier, your vehicle is exposed to the elements like weather and debris such as rocks and sand. Although it is very rare, damages can still occur. Most people are willing to take this small risk to save a considerable amount of money and it is the most common way to ship a vehicle. Even most car dealerships and carmakers rely on this form of transportation to ship their vehicles. So, if the professionals can trust this method so can you. The reason that it so affordable is because open car transport can fit more vehicles than enclosed car carriers. This lowers the cost of transport for both the transporter and you when shipping your car.

There are times when you need to ship a car from one part of the country to another. Maybe you’ve purchased a car online from a private party or a dealership in another state, or perhaps you’re relocating for a new job. Maybe you want to ship a car to a relative. Shipping a vehicle long-distance can be costly, but if you weigh that against flying to pick up a car and the time and expense involved in driving it home, it is often worth it.

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