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Auto Transporters – Express Auto transporters

Auto Transporters

Expedited or express delivery is an option you will have when scheduling your auto shipping. Estimated pickup time on a standard auto shipping is a lot longer then express car transport. Expedited pickup can be scheduled for an additional fee, depending on your specific express car transport needs. Estimated delivery times vary; call a Auto Transporters Online specialist today to answer any questions you may have about expediting your car transport or apply online for a free quote. If you are ready to go, please fill out our transport quote form to receive a quote for your move.

Express car transport Services are the most preferred auto shipping option. Auto Transporters Online customer’s that select this type of service are searching for the fastest, Dependable auto shipping. Express car transport is the quickest door-to-door auto shipping option available. Get your auto shipping Fast with the most on time Dependable service we offer.

Auto Transporters Online also provides customers with the option of express enclosed auto shipping. If you are searching for express car transport with an enclosed trailer, contact one of our auto shipping specialists. If you need expedited car transport, our Express auto shipping Services are the right auto shipping option for you!

Benefits of Express auto shipping with auto transporters

Auto Transporters Online’s Express car transport Service has a 24 to 48 hour pick up window. This means that your vehicle will be picked up by one of our auto shipping trucks within 48 hours of your auto shipping order. When one of our auto shipping trucks picks up your vehicle, it is on its way to its destination!

Our Express auto shipping Services provide you with door-to-door auto shipping. Our car shipping will provide door-to-door service as long as the locations are accessible by the truck. If there is an accessibility issue, the driver will make loading and/or unloading arrangements with you at a close, convenient, and accessible location. All of our auto shipping trucks are fully insured, and our car transport prices are all inclusive. At Auto Transporters Online, we want to make sure you have a positive express car transport experience. Our goal is to provide our customers with Dependable auto shipping services. Read what our customers have to say about our vehicle auto shipping services.

There are NO Cancellation fees and we do NOT require our customers to sign a contract. This means that if we do not auto transport your vehicle, you do not pay. At Auto Transporters Online Auto auto shipping, we understand the importance of our customers’ hard earned money. We pride ourselves on being an honest and trustworthy auto shipping company that works to provide quality for all our customers.

Call a Auto Transporters Online Specialist. Our representatives will answer all of your auto shipping questions and provide you with a no obligation car transport quote. Auto Transporters Online representatives are available to help walk you through the car transport process and make it as simple as possible.

Call today or go online for a quick quote: 1 866 556-6468

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Automobile Shipping Tips

Automobile shipping tips

We have put this section together to help protect you from being scammed when shipping your car. If you are ready to go, please fill out our quote form to receive a quote for your move.

  1. Don’t get caught up in the up front deposit scams; Be carful if a company is asking for a up front deposit. A lot of unethical auto transport companies are giving low quotes to sucker the customer in. Once they have your deposit they make up some excuse why they need more money to ship your car. If you refuse they keep your deposit and don’t transport your car. The best way to avoid this situation is to not go with the company with the lowest price and don’t give them any money until the car is picked up.
  2. To good to be true price scams; If you notice one car shipping company has an exceptionally low price STAY AWAY FROM THEM! If it sounds to good to be true, it is! These shipping companies bid you low hoping they can find someone to move your Vehicle for cheap, but it never fails that they come back to the customer asking for more money after they have already picked up your vehicle and have it for leverage. The best way to prevent this is to get several quotes take the average price and go with those companies.
  3. Fuel Prices are up and so it the cost of transport your vehicle; Trucks run on fuel and use lots of petroleum-based products for lubrication and hydraulics, so when fuel prices are up the cost of transport your car goes up. No way to really get around this, but shipping your car in the winter months is always cheaper then summer. The reason for this is because most people are shipping in the summer and not in the winter.
  4. auto transport Companies are going out of business and taking your car with them; With the cost of running a truck going up dramatically a lot of owner operators that don’t understand economics are moving vehicles to cheap and running out of money. Some of them are going out of business and leaving the truck loaded with vehicles on the side of the road. We have talked to people that gave a car shipping company their vehicle never to see it again and no one to go after because they shut the auto transport company down. Please make sure you choose a transport company with a solid reputation.

Always do your research when choosing a auto transport carrier and our goal was to provide you with automobile shipping tips.t. Auto Transporters Online is A+ rated with the BBB & on Angie’s list. We offer superior customer service and are there for you until your car is delivered. 1(866) 556-6468 Go online or call for a quick quote to ship your car. logo  new

Military Auto Transport

Military Auto Transport

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Military Car Shipping

Auto Transporters Online Services All Branches of the Military – Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard and the Department of Defense

Military Discounted Rates

Are you’re an active duty service member? We at Auto Transporters Online salute your services. We are former members and have active family members. To show are gratitude for your service and sacrifice; we offer you a military auto shipping discount of 10% for all active duty service members. If you are ready to go, please fill out our transport quote form to receive a quote for your move.

Auto Transporters Online is a proud car transport company and supporter of the men and women in public service, whether it be in the armed forces, governmental position, or volunteering with Freedom Corps we are here to get the job done right, without exception!

We have the experience servicing government employees auto shipping needs, State By State or anywhere in the worldwide, any kind of auto car transport: that’s our public service. We ask you to talk to a sales representative, available 24 hours a day.

Auto Transporters Online Services These Bases

  • Carlisle Barracks,PA
  • Fort A.P. Hill, VA
  • Fort Belvoir, VA
  • Fort Benning, GA
  • Fort Bliss, El Paso, TX
  • Fort Bragg, NC
  • Fort Campbell, KY
  • Fort Carson, CO
  • Fort Detrick, MD
  • Fort Dix, NJ
  • Fort Drum, NY
  • Fort Eustis, VA
  • Fort Gillem, GA
  • Fort Gordon, GA
  • Fort Hamilton, NY
  • Fort Hood, TX
  • Ft. Huachuca, AZ
  • Fort Irwin, CA
  • Fort Jackson, SC
  • Fort Knox, KY
  • Fort Leavenworth, KS
  • Fort Lee, VA
  • Fort Leonard Wood, MO
  • Fort Lewis, WA
  • Fort McCoy, WI
  • Fort McNair, D.C.
  • Fort McPherson, GA
  • Fort Meade, MD
  • Fort Monmouth, NJ
  • Fort Monroe, VA
  • Fort Myer, VA
  • Fort Polk, LA
  • Fort Richardson, AK
  • Fort Riley, KS
  • Fort Riley, KS
  • Fort Rucker, AL
  • Fort Sam, TX
  • Fort Shafter, HI
  • Fort Sill, OK
  • Fort Stewart, GA
  • Fort Story, VA
  • Fort Wainwright, AK
  • Presidio of Monterey, CA
  • Schofield Barracks, HI
  • Tripler Army Medical Center, HI
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center, D.C.
  • West Point Military Academy
  • White Sands Missile Range,NM
  • Yuma Proving Ground,AZ

Give us a call today for a quick quote 1(866)556-6468 for your “Military Auto Transport” needs.

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Moving from Los Angeles California to Orlando, Florida

Moving from Los Angeles, California to Orlando, Florida.

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Moving From Los Angeles, CA to Orlando, FL

If you love the bustling feel of big-city life in Los Angeles, then be prepared for a little change when you move to Orlando. Whereas Los Angeles has a total population of 3,792,621, making it the second largest city in the whole country, Orlando’s population is only 238,300. However, don’t let the population of Orlando fool you. Orlando has friendly people, a rich culture, beautiful landscapes and a myriad of things to do. Orlando may be smaller than Los Angeles, but bigger doesn’t always mean better!

What you can expect from a move from Los Angeles to Orlando:

If you’re driving to Orlando in your own vehicle, you can expect to be traveling quite a distance. Driving from Los Angeles to Orlando will take about 39 hours total, and you’ll be covering a distance of 2,510 miles. That can seem like a very daunting task; however, you’ll be traveling through some very interesting and historical U.S. cities along the way such as Phoenix, Arizona; Tucson, Arizona; San Antonio, Texas; Houston, Texas; Mobile, Alabama; and Tallahassee, Florida. So, although you’ll be traveling a long distance, you can plan a mini-vacation on your way to Orlando!

The Weather in Orlando

Be prepared for the weather in Orlando to be slightly different in Los Angeles. Although both cities are fairly warm all year long, Orlando’s temperatures are on average five to ten degrees warmer than temperatures in Los Angeles. Orlando has a humid subtropical climate and has an average yearly temperature of 73 F. The warmest temperatures in the summer can reach into the 90s, and the lowest temperatures in the winter can drop to the 40s. Orlando also has a hurricane risk, although the risk isn’t as high as the cities located along the coast.

Getting Around in Orlando

If you’re used to commuting via public transportation in Los Angeles, it may be a little bit more difficult in Orlando. However, Orlando offers several public transportation options including an Amtrak intercity passenger rail and LYNX, a bus service that operates routes around five surrounding counties. Additionally, if you’re used to commuting via car in Los Angeles, you should have no problem transitioning to Orlando with several major highways surrounding the city.

Getting an Education in Orlando

If you have children who are still in school, they should find it easy to transition from Los Angeles public schools to Orlando public schools. They’ll be transitioning from a district with about 800,000 total students to one with only about 180,000 students. Orlando is served by Orange County Public Schools, which is composed of a total of 179 schools including: 126 elementary schools, 34 middle schools and 19 high schools. Additionally, Orlando offers many options for private schools.

Dining in Orlando

Although Los Angeles does offer a wide variety of eclectic cuisines, Orlando certainly isn’t lacking in some of the most exotic and interesting places to eat in the country. When you move, there are a few places that are local favorites and very highly reviewed that you must try out: The Ravenous Pig, an American gastropub-style restaurant; Roy’s Restaurant, which offers several Hawaiian and Asian fusion inspired dishes; Anh Hong Restaurant, where you can get some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in the city; and Sea Thai, which offers authentic Thai cuisine including the best pad thai in the area!

How to move your car from Los Angeles California to Orlando, Florida.

When moving, deciding whether to drive your car yourself or shipping will be an important decision. Doing your research will be important . Auto transporters suggests you work with a broker to research the best rate and let them do the work for you. They only use highly rated carriers and make sure they are properly insured and bonded.

Autotransportersonline is A+ rated with the BBB & on Angie’s list.

Give them a call today and they can walk you through all your options for the best price.

1(866) 556-6468

Welcome to Orlando, The City Beautiful

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How not to save money shipping a car

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How not to save money shipping  your car.

1. Don’t be flexible with your shipping date.

2. Use an enclosed carrier.

3.  Go with the cheapest quote. All carriers and companies are really all the same, right?

4. Don’t do your research and use a broker who has access to all reviews and will personally view licenses and bonds to ensure you are fully covered. highly suggests you actually do your research to make sure you go with a trusted company to make sure you ship your car with a quality carrier. This is not a service where you want to be penny wise and car shipping foolish.

Hopefully we have provided some food for thought on “how not to save money shipping a car.” It’s important to note you may be thinking you are saving money on the front end by not using a quality company only to find they will ask you for more money later to move your car.

Give us a call today for a quote.

1 866 556-6468

What Is Enclosed Car Shipping?


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Whether you consider your car a collector of, an exotic, a vintage, or a classic, your Enclosed auto transport is not something you want to leave to just anyone. You want a company with the experience and know how to handle your car with care. You want an Enclosed car shipping that charges you the right price and delivers your car in the same condition it was when you dropped it of. If you are ready to go, please fill out our transport quote form to receive a quote for your move. We at Auto Transporters Online specialize in the car shipping of these priceless time pieces of history. Let us do the work of keeping your car safe during your transport. Start your auto transport adventure by filling out the form to receive your free quote.

What is enclosed car shipping?

There are 2 basic ways to carriers a vehicle. There are 2 basic ways to shipping a vehicle. The first way is by Open Carrier – This is the most common way to transport a vehicle. These are the trucks you see on the highway with a load of cars on a trailer with open sides. Typically in the world of auto shipping, this is cheaper, but since the vehicles are exposed to the elements, they are at risk to certain types of damage. Debris such as rocks, tires, sand and salt (in the winter months) can do damage to any unprotected vehicles. The weather also needs to be considered, snow, sleet and especially hail. To hold these cars in place a chain is placed on the frame of the car and connected to the trailer. In almost all cases, your car will arrive in the same condition it was picked up in. To prove this point, many car dealerships still take a risk and use open transport to deliver their new cars.

The second basic type of car shipping is Enclosed car transport – Enclosed carriers is exactly what it sounds like; your vehicle is placed in a trailer that protects it from the elements. The best auto transport use what are called “soft ties” to connect your car to the trailer (rather than chaining it to the frame). Most enclosed auto transport companies offer first class “white glove” service; they may even put down floor mats to protect your carpets and interior. Be aware though, all this comes with a price, enclosed auto shipping can cost you anywhere from 75-100% more than open transport.

Enclosed Carrier isn’t for everyone…if you have a classic, exotic or high-end luxury car, it may be worth it. Make sure you do some research and check all your options so you can make the most informed decision about “enclosed car shipping.”

This is why we at Auto Transporters Online provide the highest standard of safety and security in the Enclosed auto transport industry. We do not play games when it comes to Enclosed car shipping. Whether you’re a dealer, manufacturer or individual, we offer the most technologically advanced car transport Enclosed service available for your car’s journey door-to-door, coast-to-coast

Call us today for a quick quote: 1 (866)556-6468 or go online to fill out a quick request.

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How to choose the right Auto transporter.

Top 10 Reasons Why Customers Choose Auto Transporters On Line to Ship Their Vehicleauto site

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How to choose the right Auto Transporter.

  1. Low car shipping rates, with competitively priced packages and multiple shipment discounts.
  2. An excellent track record of prompt, safe and reliable delivery. See what our customers are saying.
  3. Trustworthy and honest service, as a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  4. Flexible, convenient service plans (including open and closed carriers).
  5. Fully licensed and insured auto transporter , backed by a bonded company.
  6. Stress-free customer service, with 100% satisfaction from the broker of choice for thousands of satisfied customers each year.
  7. No-cost, hassle-free cancellation policy.*
  8. Absolutely no hidden fees, including no taxes, surcharges, or deductibles.
  9. Door-to-door service, while avoiding terminal stops and driver changes.
  10. Free auto transport quote sent to your e-mail in minutes.

When looking for an auto shipper, we understand the need to save time, money and hassles. That’s why we’re the nation’s most reputable and dependable auto transport company in business.

These are the key reasons our customers choose Auto Transporters Online to ship their vehicle.
Ready to ship your car? Click here to get a free auto shipping quote. Or call us today. (866) 556-6468

Guide to buying a car online

logo  newGuide to buying a car online

chrome radiator grill of red american classic car

Do you cringe at the thought of visiting a car dealership to buy a car? Most dealerships now have an “Internet sales department” with its own sales manager, so you can research and negotiate buying a car from your sofa smarter and faster than ever before.

Consumers have easy access to new online tools that allow knowledge of the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, or MSRP, invoice price, trade-in values, financing, incentives, inventory, expert ratings, user reviews and even recent transactions, says Alec Gutierrez, senior market analyst of automotive insights at Kelley Blue Book.

Auto Transporters, agrees, adding, “The Internet department knows they are being shopped online by a very educated customer. You have much more control over the four most important aspects of the car deal this way : “price, trade, financing and down payment.tip: Don’t forget to read owner and expert reviews and ratings. Research options and add-ons the dealer may try to sell you.

Simply ask the dealer his or her best offer for your trade. You also can choose to mention’s trade-in value at participating dealerships. Once you receive quotes for your trade, compare them with each other and choose to sell privately, accept a CarMax offer or accept the dealer’s trade-in offer.

Next, it’s time to ask about rebates and financing incentives. If you have a voucher or preapproval from your lender, you can mention those because it’s like being a cash buyer — taking financing and down payment out of the dealer’s profit equation. Ask if the dealer can offer you anything better even when “buying a car online.”

Auto Transport

Should you need to ship your car remember these important tips:

The dealer may not offer you the best carrier or price to ship our car so do your own research and arranging for shipping can be easier than you think. Go online and research a quality broker who will do all the work for you to find you a quality and affordable carrier. Auto provides quality carriers and only uses those with a 95% rating or higher. They are also rated A+ with the BBB and on Angie’s list.

Call today for a free quote  866 556-6468 or go online for a quote in minutes.

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How To Make Money Selling Classic Cars

How to make money selling classic cars. Tips by Auto Transporters

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car cool

Selling classic cars is a hobby or business many people practice today. From classic car collectors to enthusiasts, classic cars have an inherent charm and enduring popularity which make them in demand even several decades after they have been manufactured. If you are looking into getting into the business of buying and selling classic cars, then here are the steps on how to succeed in doing so and “how to make money selling classic cars.”

Know Where to Look for Classic Cars
You can look for classic cars which are in good condition or you can look for classic cars which need some restoration. Some of the places you can go for great bargains are eBay and other online car dealerships and online classifieds. You can also check newspaper listings, car magazines and online classic car forums. These usually have numerous listings of all kinds of classic cars with different conditions. As you look at cars to buy, make sure to read all the given details and specifications which could help you assess their value.

Assess Any Necessary Repair and Restoration Work
Once you buy a classic car, you need to determine what kind of repairs or restoration are necessary. Send the car off to a classic car restoration expert so that its original appeal and beauty can be brought back. Although the cost of restoration can be hefty, you should be able to get it all back when you sell the car, since a well-restored classic car can be sold for a good price. This is key when learning “how to make money selling classic cars.”

Get Manufacturer and the Model Information
Make sure that you are an expert on the vehicle you have as well as the company that made it. Read historical books on the manufacturer, along with books and documents about the specific make of your car. You can also obtain information from classic car clubs, as well as a list of other individuals who own similar vehicles.

Make use of the VIN code to tell what series it was or what type of model it is, such as if it was a limited edition or not. Add this information to the original paperwork of the car and its original maintenance manual, if you have them. Classic car buyers usually love to find out all about the history of a car before they buy it.

Research Market Trends
Compare your classic car to others and make use of classic car appraisal guides. You can also have your classic car evaluated by a qualified and professional appraiser. From this, you can establish your asking price and the lowest price that you are willing to let it go for.

Where to Sell Classic Cars

  • Online classified ads. There are a lot of classified ad sites available online for free. With this method the classic car will get more exposure than just putting a sign on it and leaving it on the side of the road
  • Online auctions. Online auctions such as eBay make it possible to show off the classic car while gaining the largest audience. Make certain to create an in depth description and display several excellent photos of the car to have the best price
  • Car shows. One of the popular ways to sell classic cars is to exhibit them at auto shows. Throughout the spring and summer months, many car shows present different types of cars, including classic cars for sale. Auto sellers and buyers from different parts of the country are brought together to show off or buy cars
  • Local car magazines. It is possible to have a classic car introduced or shown in local magazines in your area by placing an advertisement. Some of these magazines have websites so the cars will have more exposure online

Article by Cars Direct

We hope you gained some valuable tips learning how to make money selling classic cars.

When needing to ship your cars, partner with a reputable partner such as A+ rated with BBB and Angie’s list. Door to door delivery and will treat your customers with VIP service. They also pay referral fees.

Call today to discuss: 866 556-6468 or go online for a quick quote,

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Let Auto Transporters Online deliver a new car to your customer

Auto Transport Services

Let Auto Transporters Online deliver a new car to your customer

car 97

You have spent the time selling your customer their new car. If you are ready to go, please fill out our quote form to receive a quote for your move. Let us at Auto Transporters Online help you give the customer a great experience from start to finish. In most cases, the customer wants their new car right away. If the car takes three to four weeks or is damaged upon arrival this will put a bad taste in your customers mouth. Let us walk you through our auto shipping process that will make the difference.


Our transporters are the most professional auto shipping companies in the industry. Our Drivers will give you a 24-hour notice of their arrival. When our car transporters show up at your dealership, they will be clean, professional, and on time. Your dealer has a professional image and the company servicing you should protect that!


Are driver understands that your customer wants the car right away, and he will do everything in his power to get the car delivered as fast as legally possible without damaging your vehicle.


Our drivers will give your customer a 24 hour notice before delivery of their vehicle. They are flexible and courteous to your customer. They understand that when they deliver your car to the customer they represent you and your dealership. At Auto Transporters Online, quality is uncompromised every single time.

Dealer Trades

We at Auto Transporters Online service over 600 auto dealers across the nation, so we truly understand your needs. We know that when a dealer does a trade with another dealer he needs the car back on is lot A.S.A.P. In most cases, we will have the trades pick up at the same time and delivered at the same time. This allows the dealer to get the car fast and cuts down on transit time!

We’re Safe and Secure

Your vehicle will be transport by the best. Many car dealerships trust us to transport their new cars worth over $100,000 every day.

It’s Affordable

Because of today’s competitive market, we’re able to give you a fair and affordable rate. Unlike, most other auto transport companies.

Protected & Insured

Every car shipping is insured up to the Blue Book Value of your vehicle. This insurance is rarely needed because your vehicle is well protected during transport.

Fast carriers

The entire process is fast! Most companies talk weeks, we talk days!

Tested and Trusted

Our testimonials speak for themselves. We have helped many people just like you transport their vehicles at a great rate. We at Auto Transporters Online take a great deal of pride in every vehicle that we move safely and securely each day. At Auto Transporters Online, we offer auto dealers a comprehensive solution to their car transport needs. With our years of experience in the auto transport industry, we understand car dealer’s unique and extensive auto shipping needs. We know what you need when it comes to auto shipping to and from auctions, dealer swap meets, trade shows, and everything in between. We have the experience of working with dealerships all across the nation and have a reputation for quickly fulfilling their car transport needs. We have spent years refining our proven methods that work. We promise that our communication and state of the art time management techniques will provide auto dealerships with the special services you require.

We at Auto Transporters Online do offer discounted rates on full loads. We understand that there are times that automobile dealers need to move smaller numbers of automobiles. This is why we provide reasonable auto shipping rates and relocation services for individual units and full loads.

Are you an Auto Dealer going to an automobile auction soon? Need to move a full load? Arranging a dealer trade? Like you, our auto transport business relies on moving your vehicles quickly and in a safe manner. Fill out our simple form and give us a chance and experience the Auto Transporters Online difference!

Call today for a free quote: 866 556-6468

Or go online for a quote :