How not to save money shipping a car

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How not to save money shipping  your car.

1. Don’t be flexible with your shipping date.

2. Use an enclosed carrier.

3.  Go with the cheapest quote. All carriers and companies are really all the same, right?

4. Don’t do your research and use a broker who has access to all reviews and will personally view licenses and bonds to ensure you are fully covered. highly suggests you actually do your research to make sure you go with a trusted company to make sure you ship your car with a quality carrier. This is not a service where you want to be penny wise and car shipping foolish.

Hopefully we have provided some food for thought on “how not to save money shipping a car.” It’s important to note you may be thinking you are saving money on the front end by not using a quality company only to find they will ask you for more money later to move your car.

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